Five Themes

Of the five themes of Geography we discussed in class which of them is the easiest to understand and find examples of and which is the hardest?  Make sure you explain specifically what about them makes them either easy or hard.

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  1. Personally the one that I find to be the easiest to understand is Location. Both absolute and relative locations are pretty easy to comprehend. I also find it pretty easy to come up with examples. Movement, for me, is the hardest. I understand the movement of goods, but thinking of the movement of ideas and people is a little harder to grasp.

  2. I think the easiest theme is Location becasue it just the laitudes and longitues and/or the stuff around the area. An example of Relitive Location is Storm Lake, theres a lake, in the mid-West, in the united states, in northwest iowa, about 5 miles away from alta. The hardest part will be regions becasue one place can be in more than one region. An example of regions is the midwest because its mostly farming and flat.

  3. The easiest of the five themes to understand is location. You can easily remember where places are and there are a lot of examples. Such as Cherokee is next to Aurelia. The hardest one to understand is human enviroment interactions. I know that we have an impact on the earth and that the earth has an impact on us. But I cannot think of as many examples for how we impact the earth.

  4. the easiest would have to be location because you can easily explain where this locaton is by saying its next to this town or in this part of the country. the hardest would have to be human enviroment interaction because there are so many things you can do and cant and there is a thin borderline between those and i dont know where that borderline ends

  5. Of the five themes i think that location is easiest because most people know what towns are surrounding the town that they live in. The hardest is relitive location because you dont always know were a town, countrie, or state is at so you cant always go a place were you want to go.

  6. I think that the location is the easiest of the five themes because if you can find a place that you know and know which direction the other place is you can find it like Alta is North of Schaller. I think the hardest one is regions because it is hard to say what it is mainly called like the East coast, is it known for fishing, timber, or large cities.

  7. I think the easiest is HUMAN ENVIRONMENT, because they are things we see around us every day, both living and non-living things, for example – houses, cars, etc.
    I think the hardest is LOCATIONS, because without having the knowledge of “map reading” you cannot locate a specific location on the map.

  8. For me I would have to say that location is the easiest of the five themes to understand. Most people can usually remember where places are and you can easily tell the difference and talk about the places absolute location and relative location. For example, I could say Iowa is in the midwest in the U.S.A for an absolute location and I could say for relative location Iowa is next to Nebraska. The Hardest of the five themes is Regions. Regions is the hardest for me because a group of places has to have at least one common characteristics. Also a place could be in two regions and that could be difficult to understand.

  9. I also think that location is the easiest of the five to understand. Examples are really easy to come up with. If you live in the area or are familar with it it isn’t that hard to come up with examples. Like Spencer is in Clay county and South of Spirit Lake. The hardest of the five to understan would be movement. Its hard to understand because its always changing how ideas are passed and how people move or travel.

  10. I would have to say that location is the easiest of the five themes. Whether it’s absolute or relative location such as using latitude and longitude to find an exact location. The hardest is probably human-environment interaction because its not just how humans impact the environment. The environment has an impact on us. An example would be hunting. Hunting has caused, or nearly caused many species to become extinct.

  11. I think location is the easiest to understand. Because its easy to find absolute location using lattitude and longitude, and its easy to find a location using relative location. I think the hardest one to understand is human-environment interaction because it involves how humans have made changes in their environment.

  12. I think location is the easiest one. Because with location, there’s differnt sorts of things you can say. Theres the latitude and longitudes, miles, and other differnt things. The hardest is region because you can say like midwest and you wouldnt really know much about it.

  13. I think the easiest is location. You can look that up on the map. The hardest is regions because the same place may be found in several regions.

  14. I think location is the easiest. I would tell people that Alta is in Iowa and Iowa is in the Midwest. Movement is hardest. I can remember people and goods, but ideas are harder.

  15. I think that location is the easiest. I could tell someone that Alta is in northwest Iowa. Right next to Storm Lake. I think that movement is the hardest, because you have to remember where goods are from and where they are going.

  16. I think location would have to be easiest, all you would have to do is look at a map.

  17. In my opinion location is easiest because all you have to do is look it up on the world map.

  18. I believe the location is the easiest of the five themes because once you learn or see where a country lies using absolute or reletive locations it sticks with you. The hardest theme for me would have to be human-environmental interaction due to both of them each having an impact on each other and not just one sided. One example would be our pollution affecting the environment and then that causing global warming which then would have an impact on us..

  19. I think location is the easiest because its you can see the latitude and longitude and absolute location is right there and you can find it easier also with relative location because some things are the same in other places.I think movement is the hardest because you dont know where it came from and where it goes and you have to remember where it goes and how and sometimes they change how they do things.

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